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Learning of the elderly (Germany)

Lifelong learning is an intergenerational requirement of the social change and can not abbreviate of the stages of life of gainful employment as well as their preparation.

The best practice arose in 2003 in the association NETCOMPUTER LERNEN G.E.V. Berlin and was developed continuously over the following years until today’s level. As subject, it has the qualification of people of generation 50 + for handling with digital media and counteracts against the digital ostracism of an imperiled core group.

It shows the option how learning of the elderly can be organized reasonable, interest based and modern.

Characteristically for the best practice is that she based on non-formal and informal learning according to individually perceived learning needs in the space of the association. Also it is expressed in the slogan “By seniors for seniors” and in the arrangement of external offers, realizing the potentials, which are in the club, as well as their systematical advancement.
Next to the actual education work that is offer by the club there are special offers like bowling hangouts, year hikes or other forms of sporty-cultural activities.
Through the club work develops a new, special activity-oriented, social environment as important criteria of social participation with positive, mental impacts.
All of this procures the feeling of involvement, special possibilities of exerting an influence and a broad spectrum of access to information.

As the responsible of the best practice, the association NETCOMPUTER LERNEN G.E.V., shows an example, that the computer competency according to the EU requirement, can be also fulfill by groups of seniors.