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QAB (Qualifikation – Ausbildung – Beruf)

The given Best practice is responding to changing requirements and general conditions of society and labour market and contributes therefore to a new learning culture. The so-called QAB (Qualifikation – Ausbildung – Beruf // qualification – training – vocation) gives acknowledged qualification to long-time unemployed persons and persons without any degree. The participants haven´t been able to organise independently their way into training and vocation. Therefore they needed the support of a closely meshed network consisting of a project coordinator, educational institutes, chambers, institutes and organisations for internship, job centres, trainers and social workers. During the process of implementation, individual adapted curricula were developed together with the participant taking into account personal needs and wishes. The training was supported by different learning and teaching methods and by flexible learning arrangements. Frontal teaching, working in groups, self-organised and goal-orientated learning enabled the students to organise their own learning process and control their learning success. For individual studies the “Mediothek” of the Private Schule IBB gGmbH with internet connection, ICT technology and books has been used. The validation of the results showed that esp. this method was pushing the motivation and the gain of competencies of the students. The modular structure of the curricula supported the building and strengthening of learning competencies and the motivation of the participants. Additional lessons which aim at the reduction of individual deficits turned out to have huge impact on one´s own character. As a result of this project all participants passed the exams successfully. The high quality of the training, due to the methodologically and pedagogical variety, and the practical approach of the lessons lead to a high level of professional competencies (customer-orientation, service-awareness etc.).  By the acknowledged qualification, graduates will get the chance to find their way into the labour market.