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Eldre og helse “Elderly people and health”

“Elderly people and health” is a program of health information with the aim to increase the knowledge and the interest, for what you can do by yourself to live healthy in the old age. The main target groups are people in the age of 60+. The program can be carried out by the responsibility of Nongovernmental Organizations or with friends in the private household. It is a group learning program, which is based on a compendium, a dvd as well as exchanges and discussions in groups. Seniors and experts are involved in this program and supply a contribution for the following topics:
  • Activity and training
  • Lifelong learning
  • Diet
  • Medicine and natural remedy
  • Prevention of accidents
  • Changes and opportunities
The aim is to make health information relevant for each one and to show exemplary that everyone can add a lot to improve the own health and the quality of life.
Therefore it is important to find conference venues where the participants are integrated and feeling good, e.g. retirement homes, senior clubs, the own home, pensioner clubs, companies and communities. The strategy is to disseminate established knowledge of health as well as to enable discussions in the space of the group and mutual learning from each other's experiences.
The group program is mainly for elderly people who haven’t worked for the health service. However physical therapists, nurses, caregivers and doctors can become a team leader.
This learning program is innovative, because it:
  • Is a program in the 3rd and 4th age, which was not existing at an earlier time
  • Is a program which has an immediate impact for the life situation of each one
  • Based on established health information
  • Depend on knowledge-based learning
  • Supports and encourages  the learning in a group
  • Enables the learning in a social context.
In the future our society includes more and more elderly people (3rd and 4th age) , who have a good health and are featured with good ICT-Knowledge.  This people can tap the full of the learn system. It will be add also that interested and engaged elderly people become good mediators, e.g. group leader of other areas with elderly people.
The methodical implementation of the learning program shows that employees and learners, through their active participate and discussions are able to learn at a “round table” to bring in their acquired competences. This learn process contributes to release them from their isolation and to bring together people from different contexts.