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Final conference

The final conference of the project took place on Thursday, 18th of April 2013 from 9 am – 4 pm. Over 100 participants from official organisations and teaching institutes covering all phases of life attended the event. After a theoretical impulse by Mrs. Doris Mager from IBB Dresden (project coordinator) and Dr. Erhardt Cremers (scientific guidance from the University of Dresden) the active part for the audience started.

In the “World Café”, guests and international partners discussed thesis concerning lifelong learning. The results were presented in front of the whole audience. The 6 partners from 5 countries (UK, Italy, Czech Republic, Norway and Germany) went on with the presentation of the compendium and its chapters. After a recreation during lunch time the conference was continued by a lecture of Prof. Dr. Hüther from University of Göttingen, a well-known neurobiologist, about the new learning culture. This lecture was the impulse for four workshops to follow (titles on the agenda) covering learning strategies over the span of life.

The active character of the conference impressed the audience as can be seen in the evaluation. It also showed the importance of finding new ways of lifelong learning when there were quite a few
critics on existing educational systems.

Final Conference