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Main outcomes

Compendium and appendixes
The Pro-Learn Compendium and the Annexes present the outcomes and the main findings of Pro-Learn. 

For more information please download the Pro-Learn Compendium, Annexes and other documents



The project will identify critical points during the process of Lifelong Learning and matching methods of resolution. Partners will deliver statements within six European regions about the state of the art of implementation of European life-long strategy. 

Together partners develop a compendium of best practices and experiences, innovative methods of motivation, qualification and empowerment. Management of interfaces between cycles of life will be in special focus of the consortium. Provided methodological and professional recommendations will support to organise, implement and evaluate a more efficient learning process, using innovations, developed, tested and evaluated on European level. The envisaged target groups, teachers, trainers, learners will benefit by using these methods, best practices and approaches. The main aim of the project, to grasp and to reflect the life-long learning process as a holistic never ending process over the whole span of life will be in the focus. 
12 regional workshops with protagonists of education, training and qualification will take place. These workshops will promote the European life long strategy within educational systems and empower participants to implement innovative learn scenarios. 

Project will provide a paper of recommendation for regional, national and European decision makers. Finally a Transnational Conference of Valorisation will disseminate and valorise all project outcomes, methods and approaches on regional, national and European level.

Photos: Øivind H. Solheim, 25 Oct 2012 19:36