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Isfol – National Istitute for the development of vocational trainining -

Ministry for the Education; University and Research -

Indire is the National Institute for the Documentation, Innovation and Research in the education field -

The National Europass Centre Italy (NEC), is part of an European network of National Europass Centres coordinated by the DG for Education and Culture of the European Commission, with the support of CEDEFOP. -

Punto Nazionale di Riferimento, promoted by the European Commission and by the Ministry of Labour and Social polizie supports the mobility of citizens through the transparency of qualifications. -

Description of the school system in Italy -

The Italian National Institute of Statistics is a public research organisation. It has been present in Italy since 1926, and is the main producer of official statistics in the service of citizens and policy-makers. It operates in complete independence and continuous interaction with the academic and scientific communities .